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Google+ VS Facebook

google-local-places-vs-facebook2Google+ VS Facebook  –  that is the question.

Google Wins!

I believe that Internet users will remain more comfortable with the Google model as opposed to the FB model. I personally find it a bit creepy when advertisers know too much about you, and I think I am not alone.

Google has now moved more toward the FB model with integrating Google+ into search results. However, they had a strong ad business before Google+ and can choose to emphasize or de-emphasize that element of it as they wish.

Facebook, on the other hand, only has the social element to use for ads. People also go to Facebook to socialize and not to search for information and are certainly not there, to be sold to. I think the jury is still out on deciding whether or not users will feel comfortable with this form of advertising.

Businesses in Sydney, NSW and all around the country are asking were they should focus there marketing efforts. I think that the recent research form Forester Research below, illustrates a pretty clear picture of where your marketing efforts should be focused but for those of you would like more information, please feel free to read on.

Forester Research recently surveyed 4000+ businesses and over 90% of those businesses stated that SEO was in their Top 3 strategies for acquiring new customers.

While Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounted for only 7%. Where do you think you should focus? The answer is pretty clear. Last year 2011 worldwide advertising hit $588b last year, with online (both mobile and PC) advertising accounting for around $70b of the pie. FB had about 5% of the market ($3.7B in revenue), and Google had about 50% ($37b) of the market. In their recent report the IDC indicated this pie will grow – they project that by 2015 online advertising would double to just under $140b, which will surely benefit both Google and FB. Advertisers and investors need to ask themselves if they think FB will get 5 times more of this pie than Google.

In short, I think based on the above we should answer, “no.” Not only has Google embraced the more traditional forms of advertising and has simply migrated them to the digital world. Facebook however, has rejected opting for this more aggressive, game-changing approach. What’s more, Google also has a more diversified product line within advertising – Search and YouTube – allowing it to tap into the distinct ad dollars discussed above. For brand awareness, FB faces the problem that they cannot recreate such high levels of excitement and engagement that brands need when they want to spend big advertising dollars. Additionally, and more importantly, the brands cannot control the conversation when it comes to engaging with users, and can lose control over the conversation as what recently happened to McDonald’s on Twitter. Google has effectively separated these two types of advertising – using Google search for the “ads which lead to a sale” type, and YouTube for the “brand awareness” type. For more detailed explanation and more information, below is a link to a recent article from PC World.

9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+

I hope that you have found this information helpful, the magnitude of the changes from Google Places to Google+ Local can be a little daunting for anyone who does not have the time to keep up with these changes. Let alone, making sure that their business is capitalizing on them and staying ahead of their competition. St George Web Design is here to help you to take advantage of these new changes for your business if you need it. Give us a call today on (02) 9099 8025 or send us email to find out what the power of Google+ Local can do for YOUR business, you’ll be glad you did!