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Google’s mobile viewing changes to Local Pack listings

mobile--google-local-packLatest news are, that Google just updated the mobile Local Pack display. You might notice this by performing a mobile local search on your iPhone or Smartphone.

What does this mean to your business? Well, heaps! The font size of the business name is larger and the buttons are subtler but most importantly an ICON FOR THE ACTION TO BE TAKEN has been included! The change makes for a more modern, cleaner business listing display with an instant respond from a customer.

All I can say, this is an effective change that makes your local results far more prominent – hens go if you want to be found online, your website needs a Local Search Optimization without any doubts!

Another great addition is that Google gives your customer the distance from wherever the client is, to your business! This option is still relatively new, however it only shows how quick Google comes up with new stuff.

Did you know there is also an option to leave a G+ review from mobile? I wrote about this in my previous post, make sure you read this! You can find it here: Reviews via Google+ will benefit your search ranking