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It’s Tax Time! Did You Know That You Can Claim Your Business Web Site As a Deduction?

St George Web Design Services Are 100% Tax Deductible.


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Sites that work nicely for businesses as a lead-generating resource may without doubt be continuing to spend money to make sure that they’re rank consistently on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  St George Web Design services  is this kind of annual expense that provides maximum traffic to your site.

Its the end of the financial year comes around , thoughts turn to tax. Just how are you going handle your web design investment to best benefit your tax situation?

Your Site is an Asset!

Without doubt your site can be an advantage for your business in getting prospects and possibilities and creating your business brand your local market place
(if not, come see St George Web Design!)

The Australian Tax Office recognizes your  website as being an asset.  According to ATO rulings,  websites are in the nature of  “in-house software”. It’s thus a depreciable property, having a tax life of 2.5 years. This can be a short-life cycle when compared with other company resources for example trucks (12 years) and rugs (7 years).

St George Web Design is seen from the ATO within the character of a continuing support/service.  According to tax ruling 2003/931 these costs are considered as improvement and service costs for in-house software. Thus, St George Web Design services are fully deductible being an expense within the year by which it had been received.

Phone Support and Web Site Hosting Costs are 100%  Deductible

All sites must get some kind of assistance and/or hosting fee. St George Web Design support is 24x7x365 , which includes hosting, improvements, reviews and hacker prevention.

That is merely an example of St George Web Designs interpretation  of existing tax regulations, we recommend all visitors/ readers of this article to consult  with a  Tax Professional .