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What is Responsive Website Design?

restaurant-website-designAt St. George Web Design, we build responsive websites to provide an optimal viewing experience. Your website layout will automatically adjust to multiple screen width options, therefore your site will look great on any device (iPad, Tablet, iPhone, Smartphone, Android etc.)

For the first time since 2001, it was recorded that PC sales have been projected to be lower than the year before. So which devices are consumers buying? Tablets and iPads that is. Tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million in 2012. And let’s not forget the most popular device of all – mobile phone. 1 in 2 people own either iPhone or Smartphone.

Given the popularity of tablets and smartphones, and the fact that users do prefer browsing the internet on these devices rather than your usual PC or laptop, it is obvious that responsive design is necessary for every website.

So what’s the go? Easy does it: build a website once that will work seamlessly across thousands of different screens to ensure a great experience for your users/customers. gusto-qr

Our latest “Responsive Website Design” is a restaurant web design for a local hot-spot Gusto Café at Penshurst, NSW. Scan the QRcode on your right and view Gusto’s website on your device (e.g. iPhone, Android)

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