AdWords Remarketing vs. Facebook Retargeting 2018

PPC remarketing can be quite an efficient tool if used properly. Not only are remarketing campaigns simple to establish, but they generally report greater interaction with more targeted visitors, higher conversion rates, and decreased costs per conversions.

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PPC Remarketing is Fantastic for Several Reasons

  • Greater conversion rates.
  • Budget-conscious branding.
  • Enhanced ROI.
  • Decreased cost per impression.
  • Specific targeting.

Which Option is Best for You?

When trying to gauge each solution’s potential applications and strengths, it’s evident that the pair of platforms should complement one another, instead of contrast each other. Several people compare the Google Display Network to Facebook Ads. Even though both platforms have several things in common, each of them has developed independently.


Facebook retargeting and AdWords remarketing are essentially the same thing, just named differently. Each of them requires you to place their “pixel” or “tag” on every page on your site. Afterward, you can develop precise lists that indicate the URLs or pages that you wish to include. The lists progress over a day or two, and after their audience has users, you can add them to a campaign.

The Differences

  • Each platform requires a minimum number of users before they can be targeted — AdWords needs at least 1,000 users, while Facebook requires at least 20 users.
  • AdWords remarketing allows you to connect your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account.
    • By doing so, you can develop more customized, precise remarketing audiences in Analytics and import them into AdWords. Using the Display Network, you can then retarget to those users.
    • For instance, you may wish to include relevant URLs, as well as take precise actions on your site, focusing on like users who clicked on the “Add to Cart” button but did not complete a purchase, or download an eBook.
    • This is not feasible with Facebook as it doesn’t come with Analytics integration. Further, the current Custom Conversions features don’t provide goal tracking for clicks alone (they must be destination URL goals).

Target Audience

Facebook’s alluring granular targeting features may be more advanced than AdWords currently is. Even though the Google Display Network lets you exclude or target specific users from your remarketing campaign per specific demographics (gender, age, parental status), general interests, and in-market affinity audiences, Facebook allows you to additionally divide your list with exact demographics, such as job industry, education level, title, and the like. They might not be qualified simply because they visited your website, so utilizing those extra exclusions or targeting may have an impact on your campaign’s performance and quality.

PPC Target Audience in Sydney NSW

Advantages of Facebook Targeting

  • More relevancy – marketing to exact targeted audiences allows you to develop personalized ads that isolate exact ad groups.
  • Better CTR – by displaying highly relevant ads to people, they’re more inclined to click on them, which leads to a greater CTR.
  • Increased engagement – if people notice a highly relevant ad, they’ll share it with their friends on Facebook, giving your brand a complementary boost of advertising.
    Suggestion: Behavioral targeting is most effective when mixed with interest, location, and demographics-based targeting. You may combine all of them together to create a Facebook audience that is highly defined.

Ad Placement

The Google Display Network runs the AdWords remarketing ads, which is comprised of two million websites that reach more than 90% of online users. If you ever had the same image ad follow you no matter what website you went to, you were part of the process of remarketing.

Facebook itself runs their own retargeting ads, so the retargeted users would be exposed to your ads in the sidebar or news feed. Facebook’s Audience Network lets your ads reach past the social network to reach your target market on mobile websites, apps, videos, and articles.

The Differences

A big and important variation between Facebook retargeting and AdWords remarketing is the option to cap the frequency of ads being displayed. AdWords offers a coarser level, as opposed to Facebook, who doesn’t provide them at all. As such, Facebook can display your remarketing ad to the one user several times for an unlimited duration. Inability to regulate the ad frequency may be a problem, particularly if your remarketing audience isn’t very big.
On the other hand, AdWords allows you to place a limit on viewable impressions per ad, ad group, and campaign level, in addition to the week, day, or month.

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Creative Display Ads

Google Display Network usually needs more design because the most optimal method to use the network is through a complete album of picture ads in various sizes (so that they can fit in numerous ad placements on Sydney websites).
It is simple to have an add running without the need of a graphic designer on Facebook because you merely only require text and a high-quality picture. Additionally, it is easier to run a video ad on Facebook than in AdWords, which allows you to use other forms of media to engage your market.

What’s Best for You?

There’s no right answer to this question since every company is unique and has their own audience. It’s highly recommended that, if feasible, you should endeavor to mix both. If you’re unable to do so, consider narrowing down your primary objectives so you can determine which one to use.


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