Google Algorithm Update: June 2019 (Do You Need To Worry?)

Over the last couple of weeks there’s been a whole lot of noise about potential Google algorithm updates. While the upgrades have been substantial, something you will need to bear in mind is that Google update their algorithm each and every day. Often multiple times every day.

At St.George Web Design, we track all of our clients. We had a couple of clients see increases after working on quality improvements but most of our clients saw no change at this time and are stable.

Google Algorithm Update June 2019 Australia

Search results are also different across the world, and in various languages, and altering search results is a staple of Google, instead of something which has suddenly just occurred.

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Putting Everything Into Perspective

Although no rule states that a wide core upgrade must have a larger effect or cover a larger extent that other changes to Google’s algorithm, we can’t look at this newest upgrade to be small. The upgrade might be comparatively less formidable in comparison to the Medic upgrade, but it still led to significant rank fluctuations.

Having said that, the objective is to stay ahead of the curve by upgrading your SEO and optimizing your content strategy to concentrate more on quality. Get in contact with St.George Web Design, a top agency which will transform your local online visibility once and for all.


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