Church & Nonprofit Web Design

Project Detail

MSJ Milperra is a private Students association providing  former students and staff of the Milperra School to get in touch with one anothert. As a component of a strategic planning initiative, the association set their sights on establishing themselves as a major example of grantmaking excellence. They identified the need for outside vendors to assist with accomplishing this goal and chosen St.George Web Design as their partner for perfecting their outward-facing new and digital existence.

ClientMount St Joseph Milperra
Project Date14 September 2015

Key Points To Consider:

  • Nonprofit organizations have become more and more reliant on electronic tools to streamline and optimize grantmaking processes.
  • Often, the impact of nonprofit organizations has quite human implications. Communication inherently non-digital concepts on electronic platforms requires careful messaging considerations.
  • The visual representation of a brand is essential to the public’s comprehensive understanding of a company.
  • The names Mount St Joseph Milperra, is a fairly public one. However, there’s absolutely no official electronic destination for information on his life and legacy and many historic information surrounding his history is only accessible private library collections.
  • Continue to inform the Mount St Joseph Milperra narrative, highlighting the assignment of their trust and outcomes for new and existing grant recipients in a rich, uplifting way.
  • Effectively refine the grant proposal process to coincide with the Mount St Joseph Milperra strategic plan. The grant procedure should clearly communicate requirements, engage new/unique candidate associations and filter out unqualified proposals.
  • Ultimately the new website site design should make the grant process clearer, more efficient and effective for both the consumer and grant committee.
  • Provide a clean, easy web experience with customer admin CMS control.

A Word From The Client:

We were very pleased with the services provided by St.George Web Design. After understanding our commitment to totally redo our website, they internally analyzed our objectives and presented several options which we considered. Behind the scenes, they orchestrated the technical components to make sure we were able to deliver on our creative portions.

Judy Walshe , Executive Director – Mount St Joseph Milperra