Multiple Insurance Office Locations on Google Maps


Project Detail

Historically, Pet Insurance Australia had gained a steady stream of business from its site advertising campaigns from both organic and paid search. However early in 2014, Pet Insurance Australia had undergone a complete overhaul of its website and sadly the search engine worth and general performance of the new site suffered significantly to the stage where most of the website’s organic positions had diminished and the steady stream of new individual leads had all but dried up. The reduction in rankings and leads directed Pet Insurance Australia to call on St.George Web Design to stop the bleeding, fix the problems, and to turn the web site back into a good source of lead generation.

The revamped SEO friendly site was set up in March 2014, by April 2015, Google organic search traffic had increased 182 percent from 286 visits to 1,228 Google local organic search visits. By December 2015, we had attained a 405% increase in Google local organic search traffic since compared to March of 2013.

ClientPet Insurance Australia
Project Date14 January 2013

The ROI Focused Solution

Since the state of the website site was in disarray, the first order of business to turn things around for Pet Insurance Australia  was to rebuild its website on a search engine friendly content management platform that was both easy to use for their own administrators, but would also set them up for optimum organic search engine optimization success. We developed a new website for Pet Insurance Australia using the identical design that started earlier in the year, but coded it in a fashion that was much more search engine friendly from an HTML perspective, included a user friendly contact form to accumulate traffic, and implemented a fully optimized set of keyword friendly site content, URLs, and meta tags.

Marcelo Soler | Local SEO Consultant

I specialize in local SEO for businesses that have one location, multiple locations or businesses that travel to their customer’s location. As long as you are looking to rank in a geographic area(s), I can help. I also offer white label SEO services for digital agencies.

For each project that I take on in Sydney, I work with a team of freelancers as-needed that I hand-pick. This ensures that all tasks required for your project are handled by top experts in their field. For example, I’m not an expert at copywriting so collaborating with an experienced copywriter gives you top-tier results.

Client Reaction

“We found ourselves in a crisis situation after launching a newly designed site that had no search engine optimization built-in. Having spent the previous 11 years doing a excellent job of branding and growing our company, constantly holding a high position in organic rankings, we literally dropped off the cyber map. I discovered Marcelo and St.George Web Design via an internet search, where they rated #1, that is where I knew we wanted to be and ought to be. From our first phone conversation I knew he could get us back on track. Working with Marcelo and St.George Web Design continues to be a venture; he cares just as much about developing our business as we do. His fire is remarkable. They are constantly inventing new ways we can enhance and expand our brand through content advertising. I’m proud to say we’re back and more visible than ever. We look forward to continuing our business growth with their search engine optimization company.”

CEO and owner of Pet Insurance Australia, Ali Osmani  – Pet Insurance Australia