SEO Disclaimer

Here at St. George Web Design we want to be honest up front so that you know what to expect.

St. George Web Design is a service provider and customer satisfaction is important to us. If you are not happy with our service, please let us know so that we can make things right – as long as they are under our control.

Search engine optimization can be defined in many different ways and we are not claiming we know it all. Over the years we tried many different tactics, but in the end following the guidelines published by Google, Bing, and others is the only way to be successful with your SEO efforts.

You might get unsolicited emails from companies promising you the top listing in Google. You might read about a new trick that will instantly move your site from page 78 to the top of page number 1. St. George Web Design does not do that! For one, we are not promising you the number 1 spot in Google or Bing – it is just not a promise that anyone can keep without bending the rules (=adding risk to be penalized).

However, if your website ends up to be number 1 (quite possible with what we do), we’re very happy and will celebrate with you, but can we guarantee it – no way! Search engines are very smart entities and their algorithms change daily or weekly. There are flags and filters and even manual reviews if a website is not playing by the rules. A website might not get caught right away for not following the rules, but you never know when Google puts down the hammer.

St. George Web Design wants to help your business build a liable online presence that ranks high on a permanent basis and makes it worth your investment. We are trying to provide long-term success because what good is a short-term #1 spot if a website gets de-indexed a week later and cannot be found anymore?! Compare it to building a business in general. If one’s actions are short-term only and are a little bit sleazy too, that kind of business will not be around for very long. Long-term success requires patience and a solid, trustworthy foundation and that’s how we work. So, if somebody promises you the best spot on Google, please be careful and make sure they follow the webmaster guidelines.

St. George Web Design’s methods are so-called white-hat SEO and we will tell you upfront in detail, of what we have in mind to help your website to rank higher. It might not sound as “sexy” or “cool” as what a competitor promises, but we feel pretty confident that this is the only way to do things the right way. We want to help you to build a better business; we do not want to create a liability.

In the end we all want to sleep at night without being worried that a website has received a penalty from Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Please note I: while we attempt to follow the webmaster guidelines published by the search engines, there are always things outside of our control that can still cause issues. There can be “collateral damage” when a search engine updates their algorithm. There can also be pre-existing conditions that cause a website to suddenly disappear from the rankings. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for those types of events. These are things out of our control.

Please note II: Search engine optimization is a slow process and typically you will see results somewhere between 12 to 18 months. Search is also a personalized service and what one user sees might be different for another user. Overall results should look fairly similar but results might vary. In general customers will be able to see improved results and to verify the work that was done with no issues.