Web Designer Effective Landing Page Creation

How To Create An Effective Landing Page

Here at St.George Web Design we believe that a good landing page is critical to all Sydney businesses. After all, this page is where traffic is sent to from a marketing campaign, advertising campaign or just a search in Google.

Imagine you have keywords for something really cool like an iPhone app. …..then when people go to the page they are presented with a page full of text and no real information about iPhone apps.

You have potentially just lost that customer.

Sydney Web Designer Effective Landing Page Creation

Here are a few tips that we think makes for good landing page optimisation:

  • Keep the look and feel consistent

Make sure that your landing page design and content actually reflect the message you are trying to get across, and the overall objective of the page – i.e. if you are a creative company and you want people to use your creative skills, don’t kill your chance of getting that business by linking to a page that doesn’t reflect that.

  • Clear hierarchy

Don’t make people have to think about what you want them to do on the page – make it easy by guiding the visitor through your design and for example if the overall objective is to get them to book or buy something then lead them down to a big button which jumps out at them, don’t give too many options.

  • Less is more

Keep your landing page design simple – too much information will turn off the customer who on average will spend anywhere from 10 seconds to a couple of minutes on a web site in total. Keeping it simple, St.George Web Design recommends laying out in terms of top, middle, bottom:

Featured product or offer
Short description or key messages
Call to action

  • Keep links to a minimum

As much as we like links, try not to use off page links apart from your call to action as this will take your potential customer away from the main page and they might not come back!

  • Keep your text layout simple and easy to read

Most online readers tend to skim their eyes over text, therefore big chunky paragraphs won’t work.

Try using bullet points;
A small amount of text
And minimise the number of words in a sentence
This will help your readers to digest what you are saying.

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