Website Re-Design Benefits

What real benefits can you see from a website re-design?

Is it going to effect you’re bottom line?

The simple answer is yes, but only if it is done right.

A website redesign isn’t just making your website look better, its much deeper than that, its creating action points, its increasing trust in your brand, it leveraging marking techniques to drive sales.

I have been looking over one of our case studys and seeing what happened to them after a website redesign.


website Re-design sydney 2018

You can see an exponential increase in subscribes with a direct correlation to the website redesign, with there website re-design it wasn’t just making there website look better, they created big call to actions to subscribe to their website via RSS and email which was the aim of the re-design. Doing so has quadrupled the number of subscribers they have.

Benefits of a website re-design:

  • Increase Brand Trust
    People will base a lot of there thoughts on a company trustworthiness on the quality of the website they are viewing, if it looks cheap, they will assume the company is cheap, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you want to sell premier products at a premium price, your website must reflect this.
  • Increase sales leads and conversions
    Before you being a website design you need to understand the goal for your website, what your trying to achieve, if its getting more sales leads through an online form, then the design must reflect this and direct users to this point of the website and every opportunity possible, correctly using call to actions, design flow and action points can increase conversions exponentially.
  • Increase website page views allowing for more potential customers to view the website.
    Website re-designs will encourage people to tell there friends about the website, re-design can incorporate increased search engine optimisation which in turn leads to higher search rankings and more website hits as a describe below in more detail.
  • Increase Search Engine Friendliness
    Search engines are changing daily, actually to be honest, google changes its algorithm which ranks websites approximately every 16 hours, and there is about 200 different check points google is looking for to rank your website all deciding factors if it ranks your website either 1 or 100.
  • To communicate in a better way with your customers using web 2.0 standards.
    Does your website support RSS feeds? Have you got facebook integration? What about twitter, are to contributing online? These small additions can create huge viral support for your business.
  • To make your website load fast.
    Everyone has broadband connections now, why does it really matter? Firstly, google pays close attention to how fast your website loads and ranks websites accordingly, and peoples expectations of load times for websites has also increased, people are not willing to wait 10 seconds for that flash animation to load anymore.
  • To make your website more appealing and use an easy navigation system.
    Has your website been designed with information architecture standards? Directing your users to the most important elements of your website is critical if you want to increase your conversion rate.

What could a website re-design do for your business? Why not contact St.George Web Design today by simple calling (02) 9099 8025 and talk to our team about generating your business increased sales leads online.

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