Why Should I Update My Website?

The rate of change in the Internet presents in 2018 a risk for business that is often overlooked. Content Management Systems (CMS) improve every day and software that is out-dated (sometimes even only a year or two old) can not only have less functionality but can also contain exploited security holes that present an opportunity for hackers to break or deface your website. “Even people with no experience in web design in Sydney can tell they’re outdated”

Often businesses take a “Set and Forget” approach for their website. This not only gives your business a poor online representation, but it has real security issues also.

More and more of our Sydney clients who were hardly using their websites a couple of years ago, now find it’s their primary and most cost-effective lead generator.

Think of this from your customer’s point of view:

  • Your customer jumps on Google, searches for a product or service that you offer and is given results that include your website and 5 of your key competitors.
  • If the customer goes to a couple of nice, clean, modern and easy to use websites they’ll consider using the company.
  • If the customer then comes to an old website that looks like the company has been stagnant for the last five years, do you think they will consider this company over the others? Unless there’s a very compelling reason, there’s not much chance.

If you have an older site, we certainly recommend you at least update your underlying CMS for security reasons. However, we also recommend that you take this opportunity to rethink your website from a business perspective. Is your website doing all it can to help you grow and better your business?

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